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Black Ginger Capsules

Black Ginger Capsules

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Black ginger is also known as a natural antidepressant, improving physical performance of fitness and muscle endurance by increasing inflammation and energy metabolism. According to a study, black ginger can be used to improve the performance of physical fitness and muscular endurance.

Main Benefits

The root of black ginger has antiplasmodial, anti-inflammatory, and adaptogenic activity.
Black ginger also has an anti-allergy and antioxidant activity.
Anti-fungal and anti micro bacterial activity are also properties possessed by black ginger.

Black ginger is famous for its benefits to improve erectile function.
Black ginger can also be used to increase sperm density.
Using black ginger for stroke prevention is also done by doctors in Thailand.
Helps lower blood glucose levels and improve blood flow is one of the benefits of black ginger.

Another benefit of black ginger is to reduce triglycerides
You can also rely on black ginger to help with gastric ulcers.

How to Consume:

Simply take them with water with or without food.

Ask a doctor if it is safe for you to use this product if you have: a bleeding or blood clotting disorder; pregnant or breastfeeding.


Sold in Thailand without prescription, registered and checked for compliance to the FDA. Thai FDA Registration Number — G165 / 49

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